Ramona Taverna

Traditional Flavors since 1968

Minoos 11-13, Kallithea, 210 9515952

Dear Friends

Ramona Welcomes you

The beautiful and well cared venue of Ramona, along with its decoration that takes you back to another era, creates a warm, romantic atmosphere. We are happy to welcome those who wish to go out with their friends and loved ones, those who work and prefer to have a nice, home cooked meal during their break, the family who seeks to enjoy their Sunday outing with good food, or young people looking for something different and timeless.

Traditional Greek “Koutoukia” are rare nowadays, which is why Ramona continues to be here for all of you!

Cooked with Love and ‘Meraki’

… for you

Looking forward to serving you

Enjoy your Meal

We have created a rich menu comprised of many surprise dishes, that one would not expect to find in a neighborhood tavern hidden in a building’s basement. Traditional recipes, homecooked and grilled dishes, will leave you completely delighted and full.

Ramona will satisfy with her tasty suggestions all the food fanatics and gourmands, but even those with the most demanding tastes.

Popular Dishes


Tomato Braised Rooster

Cabbage Dolma with lemon sauce

Tomato Braised Rabbit

Snails Stew

Stuffed Beef Burger

Opening Hours

Looking forward to seeing you…daily from 13:00 to 24:00

What they said about us

A very beautiful and comforting place which seems to have received special care. The cleanliness is impeccable, the space is very neat. The food is delicious! Everything we ate left us more than happy! 5 out of 5 with an exclamation mark!


lisa maniadi

Timeless tavern. Perfect quality no matter how many years pass from generation to generation! Big portions, grilled dishes, and very good wine! Prices are very good!


P Fotis

Good old Athens with its gourmands is still alive..!!!!! And it’s right here….!!! Flavors that bring back memories, at a tavern almost forgotten by time but still offering quality and good service.


anastasios papoulias

Minoos 11-13, Kallithea, 210 9515952