Our Menu


Mini cheese pies

Handmade, 5 pieces

Cheese balls

3 types of cheese, regatta, gouda, kasseri, 5 pieces


Handmade pastry filled with ham and cheese


spicy cheese dip


Handmade filo pastry, pastrami, feta cheese, gouda. 3 Pieces

Fried bread

Ramona Cheese roll

with filo pastry

Grilled peppers


with onion, olive oil

Ramona Tzatziki

Country style sausage

With fries

Baked Eggplants

With feta cheese

Ramona Mushroom roll

Ramona Zucchini croquettes

5 pieces

Fresh hand cut fries

Fried meatballs

With fries, 8 pieces


Grilled Talagani

2 pieces

Grilled Halloumi

220 gr.

Fried Feta

wrapped in filo with honey and sesame

Grilled Feta


With olive oil, oregano


Tomato and cucumber

With onion, olives, olive oil

Greek Salad

With tomato, cucumber, feta, olives, onion


With dill, chives, olives, oil

Cabbage – Carrot


With lettuce, tomato, parmesan, balsamic

Mixed Salad

With lettuce, tomato, rocket, cabbage

Cretan “dakos” salad

With tomato, olives, capers-oregano



Veal soup

with potatoes, carrot

Goat soup

with potatoes, carrot

Chicken soup

Fish soup

with potatoes, carrot, zucchini, celery


meatball soup

Traditional Dishes

Tomato Braised Beef

With fries, spaghetti, or rice

Bekri Meze

Pork with green peppers. Served with fries or rice

Tomato Braised Rooster

With fries, spaghetti, or rice

Chicken in the oven

With potatoes or rice


meatballs in tomato sauce with fries, spaghetti, rice

Chicken Youvetsi

With barley

Chicken a la crème

With mushrooms, fries or rice

Snails Stew

Tomato braised rabbit

With fries, spaghetti, or rice

Cabbage Dolma with lemon sauce

Pasticcio baked in a pot

Moussaka baked in a pot

Lemon braised Lamb

With fries, spaghetti, or rice


Pork knuckle cooked in a hull

With hull potatoes

Ossobuco Beef

With potatoes or rice


Stuffed Tomatoes in the oven

Papoutsakia Eggplants

Lima Beans in the oven

Spinach with rice

Fresh green beans

Lentils – Bean Soup – Chickpeas

Spaghetti with minced meat in tomato sauce

+ cheese

Spaghetti with tomato sauce

+ cheese

Eggplants Imam

Grilled Dishes

Veal Steak

Served with french fries or rice

Pork rib-eye Steak

with fries

Τenderloin fillet

Served with french fries or rice


3 pieces, with fries

Beef Burger portion

with fresh minced meat (3 pieces with fries)

Stuffed Beef Burger

with fresh minced meat (feta cheese, tomato)

Chicken fillet portion

mustard sauce, fries

Grilled Chicken Ribs portion

mustard sauce, fries

Grilled Chicken Ribs kilo

mustard sauce, fries

Lamb Ribs portion

with fries

Lamb Ribs kilo

with fries

Beef liver

with fries

Chicken Souvlaki portion

400 gr. with fries

Pork Souvlaki portion

400 gr. with fries

Boneless Steaks portion

400 gr. with fires

Chicken bacon Souvlaki

400 gr. mustard sauce, fries

Grilled Quail

2 pieces with fries

Tenderloin Souvlaki portion

400 gr. with fries

Pork pancetta portion

Boneless. With fries

Pork pancetta kilo

Boneless. With fries


White Bulk Wine kilo

Rose Wine Bulk Kilo

Tsipouro 200γρ.

Ouzo 200γρ.

Fix Beer

Amstel Beer

Alpha Beer

Kaiser Beer

Heineken Beer

Ouzo Plomari

Tsipouro Dekaraki

Soft Drinks

Coca Cola




Bottled Water